live show production

We work to implement YOUR ideas. Every production, from an audience of 50 to 5000, starts with a clean slate. Your production is not dependent on what equipment happens to be in a warehouse, or the ability of employees. We carefully select the equipment and the personnel needed to bring YOUR ideas to life.

technical system design and engineering

Whether your installed systems are in need of a small tweak, or a major overhaul, we've got you covered. Designing with the "end in mind" insures that your installed audio, video and automation systems will function efficiently. We also provide system maintenance, as well as competitive equipment pricing.


Even after your production, you are in good hands with TCP. Whether we worked on your production or not, we are available to help with your post production needs. Call us, we will handle all of your editing, media encoding and content delivery and distribution.

focus on YOUR ideas, people, message

and let us do the rest

Our clients all of them are satisfied